The (not very) calm before

I’m not very good at writing blog posts. At least, I’m not very good at writing blog posts *regularly*. However, I am reliably informed it’s a *good* thing to do. So here we are.

First of all, welcome to my new website. I built it myself, and while it’s not the sexiest website you’ve ever seen, it will give you all the links you should need to stay in touch with what I’m doing.

Mostly, recently, that’s been moving house and trying to get The Lost War published. I don’t recommend it. When I told my wife I was sure I’d be able to edit during the day and pack in the evening the week before we moved, she looked at me in a way I would describe kindly as ‘skeptical’. Others may have described it as ‘incredulous’. When I explained my plan to my business partner, he basically laughed. What an innocent little naif I was.

Needless to say, that did not happen. Throw in all the additional fun of moving into a new build, like not having internet for the first 12 days, and things were only more complicated. My poor old website that I had just finished building was all but forgotten about!

However, we’re getting there. The Lost War is at the proofreader, I’m sending out advance review copies and we’ll have it out on Amazon on August 30. I really cannot wait to finally have this out and let you guys read it. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and I’m excited about writing the next two books in the trilogy, too. I promise not to do a Rothfuss/Martin and keep you waiting many, many years for the sequels!

Having said that, as you may know, the next book I’m working on is the sequel to Carpet Diem, working title: I Don’t Like Mundanes. As soon as The Lost War is out of the nest and fluttering about on its own little wings, I’ll be completely dedicated to writing that and getting it out as soon as possible. Then it’ll be back to books 2 and 3 of the Eidyn trilogy.

In the meantime, I’ll be here, drilling holes in the wall, screwing things into them, realising they’re 8 cm too high and doing it all over again for a while.

It’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

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  1. You are a blogger! Good luck with this, and with finalising things on the home front. Looking forward to all the new publications. X

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